Important Announcement Concerning 2016 Monthly Rates

Effective January 1, 2016, the new monthly charge will be $108.43 per Equivalent Dwelling Unit.  That is, residential accounts will be billed this amount each month while commercial accounts will be charged the appropriate multiple of this fee.

This calculation has been reviewed and approved by the North Shelby Sewer Rate Review Board.  The Rate Review Board was established by the Shelby County Commission as the oversight mechanism responsible for examining any annual adjustment to the monthly fee pursuant to the purchase agreement that governs the sewer system’s monthly rate.

This is the final year of the programmed eight percent annual rate adjustment provided for in the original purchase agreement between SouthWest Water Alabama, Inc. and Shelby County involving the North Shelby County Wastewater System.

Please browse this site for more information on your wastewater system.  We appreciate the opportunity to be your service provider.  Thank you.