SouthWest Water Company Proud to Support Birmingham Charities

Company Will Serve as Presenting Sponsor of the Matching Funds Program of the 2016 Regions Tradition Golf Tournament.

SouthWest Water Company will serve as the Presenting Sponsor for the Birdies for Charity fundraising program at the May 18-22 2016 Regions Tradition Champion’s Tour golf tournament at Greystone Golf & Country Club in Shelby County, company officials announced today. The program’s goal is to raise one half million dollars or more, to be donated to local charities.

“SouthWest Water Company is proud to support greater Birmingham area charities through the Region’s Tradition Birdies for Charity Program,” said Craig Sorensen, Managing Director of SouthWest Water Company. “Charities that receive funds through the program provide needed services for our area that benefit us all.”

SouthWest Water Company is in its second year supporting the program, and first year as the presenting sponsor of the Matching Funds program. The company’s support allows for charities that raise $1,000 or more to receive a percentage match. The top five charities (as determined by which charities generate the most donations) will receive a higher match percentage through the SouthWest Water Company Matching Funds. The exact match percentages will be determined at the conclusion of the program in June 2016.

The primary goal of participating organizations in the Birdies for Charity program is to successfully solicit and collect pledges of $.05 or more from the general public and corporate donors for each birdie made by the Champions Tour players during tournament week. Flat donations of $20 or more are also accepted by participating charities. Administrative and promotional costs for the program are paid by the Regions Tradition (excluding individual charity organization mailing/solicitation expense), and 100% of the pledges collected will go to the individual charity that solicited the Birdies for Charity pledge. In 2015, the Birdies for Charity program raised more than $514,000 for charity.

Any 501(c) 3 organization recognized by the IRS may participate in the Regions Tradition’s Birdies for Charity program. In addition, schools and athletic booster programs are encouraged to participate. For more information and to register visit or call Allie Dunlap at (205) 262-2815.

About SouthWest Water Company
SouthWest Water Company, delivering water solutions since 1925, is an American company with nationwide resources and local management. SouthWest Water partners with communities to resolve water utility management challenges, system performance issues, significant capital needs, and unacceptable risks to deliver the best quality water and wastewater treatment possible. People from California to Alabama depend on the company as their trusted utility owner and operator. With its southeast regional headquarters in Shelby County, Alabama, the company provides a broad range of water and wastewater recovery services including maintenance and management services, water production, treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, customer services, and utility infrastructure construction management and finance. SouthWest Water Company believes that, “With water comes responsibility.”

Click here for our letter to participating charities.

For information concerning how a charity may participate in the Birdies for Charity program, contact Allie Dunlap at (205) 262-2815.